Webinaire : « New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) – the Consumer Perspective » (en ligne)

Slow Food Europe, Foodwatch et AK Vienna organisent un webinaire destiné aux organisations de la société civile, le jeudi 30 mars, de 10h à 11h30.

« New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) are being put forward by some EU political actors as THE solution to a variety of problems including reducing synthetic pesticides (SUR proposal), mitigating climate change and ensuring food security in the EU. The biotech industry has been pushing for years to get new GMOs deregulated. This means that products from GM techniques like CRISPR-Cas would no longer get any safety evaluation (risk assessment), nor traceability or consumer labeling.

What effects would a deregulation of NGTs mean for consumers’ freedom of choice, for ensuring GMO-free traceability and for organic food and farming in Europe ?

The webinar on 30 March is for consumer groups and CSOs who have an interest in knowing more about the current situation and the potential threats of deregulation. This information should prepare you to participate in political debates where NGTs are being promoted. »

- Clara Behr (Demeter) : Introduction - The political context for NGTs
- Iris Strutzmann (Chamber of Labour, Vienna) : Freedom of choice for citizens also with NGTs
- Heike Moldenhauer (ENGA) : Deregulation of NGTs : Why the assurance of GMO-free food is at risk
- Clara Behr (Demeter) : Deregulation of NGTs : Why the freedom of farmers is at risk
- Q & A and discussion

The views and opinions expressed will be those of the speakers

Moderation : Suzy Sumner, foodwatch

To register, please send your name, organisation and any issues/questions you already have to office@akeuropa.eu with the subject “Webinar NGTs 30 March”, or you can use this link : mailto:office@akeuropa.eu ?subject=Webinar NGTs 30 March

The workshop will be held in English and as a Zoom webinar. After registration you will receive a link to the online event.

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Le jeudi 30 mars 2023 de 10:00 à 11:30
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