Table-ronde - « New genetic engineering in agriculture : between high flying expectations and complex risks » (Bruxelles et en ligne)

Le 22 mars 2023, de 9h30 à 12h30, à Bruxelles et en ligne, les eurodéputés Martin Häusling (Greens/EFA), Pascal Durand (S&D), and Anja Hazekamp (GUE/NGL) organisent une table-ronde au sujet des nouvelles techniques d’édition du génome dans l’agriculture.

« The debate on new genetic engineering techniques is rapidly gaining pace, as the European Commission is preparing its legal proposal to exclude certain plants engineered with ‘new genomic techniques’ (NGTs) from the EU’s GMO regulations. The Commission and the agricultural biotech industry argue that these techniques can contribute to a more sustainable food system. But the risks for biodiversity and human health, for seed breeders and farmers are high.

At this seminar, we will discuss the high flying expectations and complex risks of NGTs in the context of agriculture and food production. We will launch a new report by Testbiotech on the need for risk and technology assessment of genetically engineered plants and reflect with external experts and political decision-makers on the challenges ahead. »

The full program will soon be circulated.

German – English interpretation will be available.

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Event co-hosted by Martin Häusling (Greens/EFA), Pascal Durand (S&D), and Anja Hazekamp (GUE/NGL).

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Le mercredi 22 mars 2023 de 09:30 à 12:30
Parlement européen (Bruxelles) ou en ligne -