Lecture : « 35 Years in Defence of Seed Freedom » (online)

Online lecture by Dr Vandana Shiva, 7th March 2.30pm AEST, online.

« During the lecture I will talk about people plants and Intellectual Property Law, specially patents and breeders rights. I will share my analysis of how patents on plants and seeds are based on the assumption that seeds and plants are machines, invented by the biotech industry. I will share the ontology of seeds as autopoeitic and self-organised, evolutionary systems and how article 3 j of India’s patent laws excludes plants, animals and seeds as inventions. I will discuss the issue of Biopiracy of indigenous knowledge of biodiversity and our legal cases and victories in the case of Biopiracy of Neem, Basmati, Wheat. Finally, I will discuss strategies of reclaiming the commons of seed and knowledge ».

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Le mardi 7 mars 2023 de 05:30 à 06:30
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