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GMOs : civil society argues its refusal

The case for a public debate, Inf’OGM, novembre 2003
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Several French associations, syndicates and NGOs - French Collective for a
Citizens’ Conference on GMOs - have decided to draft a common “dossier of charges” against GMOs, so as to demand that the French government hold a public debate. Pending publication of the dossier in its fullest form (early 2004), the collective wanted to publish a synthesized version, most importantly in order for it to contribute to debate during the European Social Forum in Saint-Denis in November 2003. This dossier takes on the GMO issue with its multiple dimensions - scientific, legal, economic and ethical. For each theme, we have given priority to an analytical approach : this dossier of charges is structured, with the supporting scientific references, around an appraisal of the debate and an analysis of the issues and proposals involved.

This summary provides the reader with basic data, not just to understand the debate sparked by GMOs but, most importantly, to envisage the alternatives.

OGM : la société civile argumente son refus ( 93.8 ko)
GMO : civil society argues its refusal ( 88.3 ko)
GMOs : civil society argues its refusal

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Document produced with the support of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress.
Edition Inf’OGM, novembre 2003, 32 pages

GMOs : Civil society argues its refusal