Conférence annuelle du panel STOA sur le thème de la technologie basée sur l’ARN (en ligne)

Le 25 janvier 2023, de 16h à 19h, le panel STOA (« Panel for the Future of Science and Technology », anciennement « Science and Technology Options Assessment ») du Parlement européen organise sa conférence annuelle sur le thème de la technologie basée sur l’ARN, ses réalisations, ses promesses futures et ce qu’elle signifie pour l’Europe. Le conférencier principal de cette conférence est le professeur Özlem Türeci, cofondateur et directeur médical de BioNTech.

« From an acronym that some may remember having heard at school, RNA was recently catapulted to the status of a household term by the COVID-19 pandemic. RNA-based COVID-19 vaccines have shown the efficacy and versatility of this technology, allowing not just for targeted development and fast production turnover, but also quick adaptability in the face of viral mutations. These vaccines are also in part an EU-success story, as one of the major COVID-19 vaccines was developed in Europe at BioNTech, whose basic research was assisted by EU funding. Applications of RNA-based technology are also not limited to vaccines against viral infections. Earlier work on this technology was motivated in particular by the fight against cancer, an area in which it still holds much promise. Furthermore, continued developments, beyond what is currently done with vaccines, may see it having wider application, for example in the treatment of rare diseases.

The STOA Annual Lecture traditionally looks at a major scientific topic of current relevance. This 20th edition is dedicated to exploring RNA-based technology, its achievements, its future promises, and what it means for Europe, and STOA is honoured to have as its keynote lecturer Professor Özlem Türeci, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of BioNTech. »

La conférence pourra être suivie en direct à partir du site internet du Parlement européen (ici).

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Le mercredi 25 janvier 2023 de 16:00 à 19:00
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