The Science and Democracy World Forum (SDWF)

Vous trouverez ci-dessous le bulletin d’information du Forum Mondial Sciences et Démocratie dans lequel la Fondation Sciences Citoyennes est très impliquée (en sa qualité de membre du secrétariat international et du conseil international).
Merci de bien vouloir faire suivre ce bulletin dans vos réseaux aussi bien en France qu’à l’étranger. Il est en anglais mais une traduction française de la grande majorité des articles est accessible.

The Science and Democracy World Forum (SDWF) is an initiative launched in 2007 as an answer to the lack of dialogue between scientific institutions and social actors on Science and Society issues at a global level. That is what we expressed in the call, which defined the main political guidelines of the SDWF.

The so-called SDWF proposes two ways to deal with these aspects :
- a forum to help scientific and social actors to dialogue about shared interests, issues and concerns ; the next forum will take place in Dakar on February 4th & 5th, 2011.
a process to facilitate and enlighten collective dynamics, actions, initiatives or thoughts about Science and Democracy or Science andSociety issues.

As Science and Technology impact nearly every part of our social and political lives, we will not concentrate our views ‘only’ on labs and universities, but also on industrial, social, agricultural and economical sectors of societies.

The SDWF is built and fed by propositions and activities initiated by involved actors.

The organizations, which coordinate the SDWF, will not impose a turnkey programme for the 2nd Forum in Dakar. Each topic, theme or proposal is welcome.


A SDWF process : what for ?
To promote the idea that science and technology belong to the shared
heritage of humankind, and to strengthen their role in contributing to
peace and to human and ecological development. To promote and develop the
idea that scientific (...)
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Interview : Ignacio Chapela, scientist and whistleblower
You were a researcher, you became - without looking for it - a kind of
David versus Goliath, involved in the battle of the South against the
North, of peasants against seeds transnationals. In other words, you are
now the incarnation of what is (...)

Interview : Lars Klüver, Danish Board of Technology
What are the contemporary issues regarding science and society tensions ?
What are the key questions we need to discuss in Dakar ? Ten years ago I
would have said « ethics » – ten years from now I may say it again. The
emerging biotech industries (...)

A continental actor in Africa : CODESRIA
The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
(CODESRIA) is headquartered in Dakar, Senegal. It was established in 1973
as an independent pan-African research organisation primarily focusing on
social sciences research in (...)
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How to prepare for the 2nd WFSD Dakar ?
There are several manners to get involved in the SDWF process. If you have
the slightest question about those levels of involvement, do not hesitate
to send a message to : You can take part to the
SDWF : by joining one (...)
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Propose an activity...
The programme of the 2nd SDWF will be built thanks to your proposals. Even
if the SDWF International Initiating Council will propose to organize
plenaries, you and your organization are invited to propose self-managed
workshops. If you want to (...)
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Call for a World Forum on Science & Democracy
Since 2001, world social forums have gradually structured the agendas of
thousands of NGOs, medias, unions, social movements, local authorities,
institutions and even governments across the planet. Today they are
considered as major events to (...)
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Synthia is Alive … and Breeding : (...)
Synergies chercheurs, développeurs, (...)
Ne pas ouvrir la boîte de Pandore de (...)

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