Summary report of the ESF’s workshops & seminar

GMOs, Patents, Seed Monopolies : Resistance and Proposals for Alternatives in Europe

Inf’OGM edited the report of the European Social Forum (Saint Denis, november 2003). The brochure called « GMOs, Patents, Seed Monopolies : Resistance and Proposals for Alternatives in Europe » was made by the French Collective for a Citizens Conference on GMOs (CCC-OGM), the Réseau Semences Paysannes, Red Semillas, the European Peasant Coordination, Friends of the Earth Europe

ESF 2004 : GMOs, patents, seed monopolies ( 307.7 ko)

GMOs, patents and the seed industry have provided recurrent themes at social forums since Rome in 1996. The stakes are high : the privatisation of livings organisms continues to gather strength with the generalisation of patented transgenic seed varieties.

The European Social Forum at Saint-Denis in November 2003 opened up a new space for discussion, with the crossover of a host of groups, collectives and active networks, mainly from a European Union where the moratorium is still held.

While the exchange of experiences has shed light on a wide diversity of initiatives and reinforces the idea of consolidated social resistance, the several representatives of other regions of the world, especially those of the future European member States, are witnessing a wholly different reality : progress of transgenic crops along with a weak public debate.
This documents reports on the main results of the networking processes initiated on the Larzac plateau in August 2003 in order to bring together in the same seminar the major players in European civil society, who often work in parallel on neighbouring themes.

By editing a summary report of the workshop and seminar presentations, despite the heteronegeity of the presented texts, Inf’OGM wish to contribute to the memory of this event, and thereby promote the emergence of a European citizens’ watch on GMOs that is open to the world over

Edition Inf’OGM, novembre 2003, 32 pages